Looking for Hormone Pellet Trocar Kits? Try Sterile Labs!

If you are looking for Trocar Kits, check out one of our proud partners - Sterile Labs®. In partnership with Medline, Sterile Labs® distributes FDA Registered Trocar Kits to thousands of medical facilities nationwide.

These disposable stainless-steel Trocars put patient comfort first while giving the practitioner an opportunity to perform procedures safely.

Sterile Labs offers Trocars in different sizes, including a 3.5mm disposable trocar for hormone pellets under 100mg dose and 4.5mm disposable trocar for hormone pellets over 100mg.

Available in Single Unit, Case of 20 or Case of 100 - Sterile Labs offers free shipping and discounts for larger volume purchases. They also have a great subscription program to ensure your supply doesn’t run out, minimizing your worry of running into back-order issues.

Our Story

For over the last ten years, our institute has developed and innovated medical devices for implant technology.

We value the advantage of subcutaneous implant injections that remove the requirements of having to take a daily dose of medicine or an intravenous (IV) injection daily.

Sometimes the advantage of developing implant pellet therapy devices such as trocars allow for products that have poor absorption to be provided subcutaneously under the skin and have a beneficial effect.

Our institute has developed innovative trocars for various markets including hormone replacement therapy hormone pellets, fertility hormone pellets, vitamins & minerals, disposable trocars for pellets, and many others.

Private Label Your Own Trocars Design & Customize

With different markets, come different opportunities, especially when providers are particular about what is necessary for an implant pellet trocar insertion procedure.

If you are interested in developing a new disposable trocar for implant procedures or customizing one of our many selections, let’s connect.

If you’re interested in private labeling, options are available for those who qualify.

Implant Technology Clinical Trials Are you interested in joining?

Our growing medical community continues to be excited about the possibilities of utilizing subcutaneous implant pellets for therapy as an alternative to daily doses or IV injections that require hospitalization or home-care.

There are many opportunities for Clinical Trials. If you are interested in device or product development for Clinical Trials, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our experts.

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