Why Pellet Therapy?

Aspiring to provide innovative implant technology, our efforts are strongly focused on researching new product formulations, devices and protocols for the improvement of patient care and outcomes.

Why Choose Pellet Therapy?

Pellet implants created using our streamlined workflow processes will allow for the creation of unique pellet implant formulations in doses customized to meet the individualized needs of each patient. Pellet therapy is a safe and effective method for delivering needed medications in small doses consistently over time and can be a convenient choice for achieving positive patient outcomes through improved compliance.

Aspiring to provide innovative implant technology, our efforts are strongly focused on researching new product formulations, devices and protocols for the improvement of patient care and outcomes. Identifying leading-edge therapies in markets such as drug addiction, fertility, cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy will lead us to the forefront of medical innovation. Our devotion to technological advances and patented formulations, will allows us to deliver to you customized solutions for the concerns of your patients.

A Simple, Convenient, & Cost Effective Therapy

Pellet insertion is a simple outpatient procedure done in a practitioner’s office. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area, usually the hips or buttocks, and the pellets are inserted through a very small incision under the fatty layer of skin. When properly inserted, pellets cannot be seen or felt through the skin and minimal or no side effects should be expected.

In most patients, pellet implants last between 3-6 months. The dissolution time is based upon how rapidly the patient metabolizes medication. Patient response time is dependent upon the patient’s individual response to treatment and type of medication being administered. The pellets do not need to be removed, as the body absorbs them completely over time.

Because the pellet implant application can be administered every 3-6 months, in comparison to traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions, the patient cost of pellet therapy can be very cost effective and convenient.


Our strategic partner, VivantMD, was founded by medical professionals with extensive experience in pellet implant therapy driven to expand public awareness of the benefits of this safe and effective form of therapy. They deliver educational opportunities for medical professionals interested in incorporating pellet therapy into their practice; imparting their expertise for providing this innovative care solution to their patient community.

Safe and Effective

Pellet implantation therapy has been used in the United States, Europe and Australia for more than 75 years. Research has shown pellet implantation therapy to be superior to other methods of medication delivery because it delivers small, physiologic doses of medication in a slow, continuous release over time, avoiding fluctuations (spiking) that can occur with other methods. Also, unlike oral methods, the pellet delivery system bypasses the liver, which is not shown to negatively impact clotting factors, blood pressure, lipid levels, glucose, or liver function in some therapies.

Customizable Applications

Our Research & Development team, using primary research investigations, will work with you in the development of new pellet formulations to address the specific needs of your patients. Consult with our pharmacy specialists to design unique compounds to target serious health challenges. Any medication that can be delivered intravenously, intramuscularly, intradermally, or subcutaneously has the potential for a pellet implant application. Imagine the potential for delivering consistently dosed medications or nutrients without the concerns of compliance or abuse.

The Federal Drug Administration

Pellet implants are not considered a FDA approved drug. However, this does not mean that they are not considered safe. The process to seek FDA approval for a drug is lengthy and very expensive. Because the compounds used to make the pellets are natural, and therefore not patentable, drug companies are not interested in manufacturing them nor going to the expense of having them approved.

Our licensed facilities, in which the pellets are produced, are compliant with USP-797 and ISO-Class 5 clean room regulations, exceeding the standards required for sterilization and quality. The pharmacies employ non-bias testing from independently registered FDA testing labs to promise sterility and potency with each and every pellet batch produced. Ensuring physicians and patients safe, high quality, consistent pellet implant products.