Quality & Safety

With over 35 years of combined experience, our pharmacy specialists translate primary research to accelerate the development of safe and effective compounded pharmaceutical products.

With confidence Implant Technology offers a step-by-step pellet production workflow that consistently delivers of the highest product quality and potency, one patient-specific pellet at a time.

Quality and safety is on the forefront of our concerns within every aspect of planning, programming, and delivering innovative patient care solutions. With over 35 years of combined experience, our pharmacy specialists translate primary research to accelerate the development of safe and effective compounded pharmaceutical products. Ensuring physicians and patients access to safe, high quality, consistent pellet implant products to significantly impact patient health.

Our proprietary implant pellet process specifies compliance practices to USP-797 and ISO-Class 5 clean room regulations, exceeding the standards required for sterilization and quality.

All batches must go through dissolution tests associated with day-to-day validation testing on any device that may affect the sterility of the final product. Also 3rd party analytical testing is required at different intervals, to validate the process.

Our resources provide for non-bias testing from independently registered FDA testing labs to promise sterility and potency with each and every batch made available using our custom, cloud-based CRM application.

Our trade secrets allowed us to design and test products that exceed dissolution expectations. Yielding less drug usage over time, fewer pellet insertions in some patients, and increased patient compliance.

Our customized cloud-based CRM, ITRx, was designed for the clinic, the patient, and the pharmacist to allow for seamless ordering, tracking and communication reducing risk for entry and dispensing errors.

Sterile Labs

Sterile Labs

Our affiliate, Sterile Labs, supplies lab equipment, raw materials, and lab supplies to address all needs related to pellet production. As part of the compliance program, each product ordered accompanies a material safety data sheet. Raw ingredients are randomly sent for testing for sterility and potency. We vigorously follow the FDA for Drug Safety Information, and any recalls that have taken place. All distributors must comply with cGMP and NABP accreditations.

Safe and Effective

Pellet implantation therapy has been used in the United States, Europe and Australia for more than 75 years. Research has shown pellet implantation therapy to be superior to other methods of medication delivery because it delivers small, physiologic doses of medication in a slow, continuous release over time, avoiding fluctuations (spiking) that can occur with other methods. Also, unlike oral methods, the pellet delivery system bypasses the liver, which is not shown to negatively impact clotting factors, blood pressure, lipid levels, glucose, or liver function in some therapies.

The Federal Drug Administration

Pellet implants are not considered a FDA approved drug. However, this does not mean that they are not considered safe. The process to seek FDA approval for a drug is lengthy and very expensive. Because the compounds used to make the pellets are natural, and therefore not patentable, drug companies are not interested in manufacturing them nor going to the expense of having them approved.

Through all of our specified processes and materials we meet and strive to exceed regulatory and compliance requirements for all state and federal agencies.

Wellness Medical Protection Group

It is Wellness Medical Protection Group’s objective to provide reliable insurance solutions for innovative medical practices, and the industries that support them, in a dynamic medical marketplace.

In recognition of the challenges of the Integrative Medicine and Compound Pharmacy business models we partnered with Wellness Medical Protection Group to offer insurance products from “A” rated insurance companies to provide underwriting agreements that will give our clients the ability to reduce the financial impact of risks as they embark on these innovative frontiers of medicine.

WMPG is an independent liability insurance agency with a nationwide reach and over 15 years of experience in obtaining quality liability insurance for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic, and Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine & Alternative Therapies Coverage

As an Integrative Medicine professional you have unique insurance coverage needs specific to your chosen ancillary services, including pellet implant therapy. Traditional liability policies may impose limitations related to the alternative products and services you are offering your patient community. Be certain that you are receiving adequate coverage for your expansion into integrative care modalities. Wellness Medical Protection Group has individualized products designed to meet your unique needs. We will provide coverage and security to support you as you expand your practice.

Compounding Pharmacy Coverage

Whether your needs are for complete pharmacy coverage or for coverage specific to your needs for sterile pellet production and products liability, WMPG has a package to protect you, your employees, your practice, and your patients.

Our programs will complement your primary insurance policy by adding comprehensive coverage in any of the following areas:

Pharmaceutical Products Liability
  • Separate Product Coverage Limits
  • Compounding Liability
  • Sterile Products
  • Supplements
Pharmaceutical Services Liability
  • HRT
  • IV Nutrition
  • HCG Weight Loss
  • Compounding
Commercial Pharmacy Liability
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Defense of License
  • HIPAA Claim Coverage

Visit our website at www.wmpginsurance.com or call 855-851-2968 for more information about our offerings.