Medical Quality Board

A Board Comprised of Renowned Experts


As a subsidiary of RXNB, Inc., Implant Technology is supported by a highly regarded team of medical experts. Our Medical Quality Board is comprised of a diverse group of medical professionals: Pharmacologists, Anatomist, Physicians, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Agriculturalists, Microbiologists and others.

The purpose of our Medical Quality Board is to provide insight regarding the constantly evolving medical industry and the best practices for achieving revolutionary patient outcomes. Through the means of medical research and development, improved regulation modalities, integrative medicine solutions, testing and analytics, technology innovations and new visionary systems, Implant Technology will meet and exceed the needs of our clients and patients.

  • Published over 200 peer-reviewed publications and reviews, focusing on the links between the nervous system and the immune system, and the role these connections play in health and disease.
  • Established the foundations for the field of brain, behavior, and immunity (psychoneuroimmunology), and integrative medicine.
  • Worked to establish Beaumont’s state-of-the-art Core Molecular Laboratory and BioBank
  • Research in neuroinflammation provided the mechanistic underpinnings that led to the development of Vioxx and Celebrex.
  • Awarded several MERIT Awards.
  • Established medical population base in 42 states & development compliant workflow systems, I.T. systems, & development & dispensing of over 3400 formulations customized to specified disease states.
  • Global capital markets experience in regulatory compliance, risk management, corporate governance, potential mergers and acquisitions, assessing market strategy and spearheading financing activities.
  • Establishment of operational workflow & sales force recruitment for the development of a successful nationwide sales force group representing multiple niche lines in pharmaceutical and medical industries in an effort to establish brand recognition and visibility.