Physician Training Program

Our training programs offer clinicians the ability to improve patient outcomes through the simplicity of pellet implant therapy.


VivantMD was founded by medical professionals with extensive experience in pellet implant therapy driven to expand public awareness of the benefits of this safe and effective form of hormone replacement therapy. They deliver educational opportunities for medical professionals interested in incorporating pellet therapy into their practice; imparting their expertise for providing this innovative care solution to their patient community.

An Evolving Medical Marketplace

In the last decade, desire for customized therapeutics and medically and esthetically enhancing custom products drove the medical industry in a new direction. A market demand was created for a new breed of practitioner, the wellness clinician. In America, the Alternative Medicine market has quickly grown to a $34 billion per year industry.

To meet the demands of this evolving market, VivantMD partnered with Implant Technology to develop educational programming for medical innovations and improved treatment methods. Our training programs offer clinicians the ability to improve patient outcomes through the simplicity of pellet implant therapy.

Our Medical Experts

Manuel Garcia, MD and his wife Kimberly Garcia, RN, with over 10 years of clinical practice in pellet implant therapy, impart knowledge for delivering this safe and effective therapy through the VivantMD training programs. Having offered most forms of HRT, they can comfortably say that patients gain the best symptomatic relief with this form of hormone delivery because of the steady delivery of hormones and the elimination of poor patient compliance.

Medical Advancement Training

Worldwide, pellet implant therapy has been an accepted treatment modality for hormone replacement since 1939. Volumes of research support the validity of this simple procedure for delivering consistent dosing of pharmaceutical compounds.

Licensed physicians, as well as physician assistants and nurse practitioners operating under the direction of a physician, can receive training for implant procedures, dosing algorithms, patient management, charting and coding, supply resourcing, and marketing tools to integrate implant pellet therapies into practice.

To ensure the long term success of our network clinicians, annual VivantMD conferences offer the opportunity to interact with peers in roundtable discussions, share and review case studies, learn about emerging research in pellet therapies, and discover new techniques for patient care. We focus our continuing education opportunities on the needs of our clinician network and offer relevant instruction for the latest in pellet therapy innovations.

The Training Program


Our subject matter expert physicians will train the physician (and associates) in the following:

  • Hormone Therapy
  • Patient Consultations
  • Dosing
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Procedure
  • Follow Up Care
  • Managing Complications
  • Prescription Orders
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Procedure Demonstrations
  • Optional staff introduction to role specific requirements
  • Review and consultation for case specific decision-making
  • Hands-on procedure training with patients


SOP for internal office workflow:

  • Procedure Room Set Up
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Billing Policy & Procedures
  • Patient Forms
    • Procedure Interaction
    • Consent
    • Check Out
    • Lab Tracking
    • After Procedure Instructions

Marketing Package

Content for implementation of:

  • Radio (script)
  • Newspaper (ad examples)
  • Magazine (ad examples)
  • Public Speaking (Powerpoint presentation)
  • Press Release (sample release)
  • Unbranded pellet therapy brochure
  • Patient Education tools

Vendor Resources

Approved vendor resourcing for:

  • Pellets
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Practice Support

Grow Your Practice

It is the desire of the VivantMD professionals to help you build your practice by offering education and support while allowing you to reap the benefits of developing your own brand with marketing tools to promote your practice. Additionally, our approved network of resources provides everything from patient specific pellet orders shipped directly to your office to insurance policies custom designed for your ancillary services. We supply everything you will need for your practice to succeed with this exciting growth opportunity.

The focus of VivantMD is the advancement of implant pellet therapies through the education of forward-thinking medical professionals. Through our efforts we hope to increase the number of patients experiencing the benefits of health and vitality provided by these simple and effective therapies. Join VivantMD’s clinician network and expand your practice to meet the demands of an evolving medical market and bring renewed vitality to your patient community.

Contact our program manager at (855) 983-4668 or email at for more information.

Disposable Trocar Kits

Through our affiliate Sterile Labs, we are privileged to provide a truely one of a kind trocar kit that is not only cost effective, it brings about a new standard to pellet insertion.

Our disposable Trocar Kit was designed to meet the market need for a high quality trocar for pellet implant procedures that puts patient comfort first, that gives the practitioner confidence in performing the procedure with ease, and is an affordable option that will not impact the overall cost of the procedure.

Disposable trocar units currently available are constructed of plastic. Our disposable trocar unit is steel with a sterile stainless steel finish that offers improved precision insertion and higher durability without requiring staffing time to clean and autoclave the units after each use. With the increase in F.D.A. inspections, autoclaves have become the main focus of concern with in-office procedures. Our trocar kit will not only save you money, but will expedite the procedure process by eliminating the need for an autoclave and removes the concern for improper use of the autoclave.

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