Licensee Program

Discover new opportunities with outcome-based medicine.

As healthcare continues to evolve in the United States, so do state of the art therapeutics and products offered within the patient care market to enhance the different modality of treatments.

In the last decade, customized therapeutics and medically and esthetically enhancing custom products [compounds] drove the industry in a new direction by creating a market demand for a new breed of practitioner, the wellness clinician. To meet patient demands, this new technique has the potential to reinvent the entire system of how medicine is practiced, along with your entire medicine cabinet list.

As a result of so many practitioners adopting this modality, many new product formularies were created sending patients to seek specialty pharmacies willing to make the desired product. Due to the desire for simplified treatment methods, a renewed interest in an age-old therapy emerged, pellet implants.

The Licensee Program

Our firm recognized the necessity for developing the expertise to create patient-specific pellet therapies to meet the demand. We addressed the evolution of the entire matrix of pellet production in America, and a new, efficiently designed process was born.

Our team aligned with the ingenuity of medical experts and engineers, has for the past few years worked vigorously at creating a streamlined system for integrating pellet implant technology into the specialty pharmacy model. The goal to increase accessibility of this important therapy for the patients in need throughout the world.

Our system is designed to increase efficiency and exceed quality measurements delivering the most efficient implant pellet production process in product potency, sterility and consistency.

Our system is offered as a global licensing program for those interested in entering the pellet implant market, by purchasing the equipment and investing in the know-how providing implant pellets for patient-specific prescription orders.

The Advantage

With confidence we offer you a solid workflow that delivers consistent product, allowing for the delivery of the highest product quality and potency, one patient-specific pellet at a time.

All products are made in an USP-797 custom, ISO-Class 5 clean room developed specifically for the production of custom made implant pellets, exceeding the standards required for sterilization and quality.

We employ non-bias testing from two independently registered FDA testing labs promising sterility and potency with each and every batch made available through our custom cloud-based technology.

Our custom CRM was designed for the clinic, the patient, and the pharmacist to allow for seamless ordering, offering private online portals for prescription, order tracking and communication.

Through the development of trade secrets, we were able to design and test products for customized patient-specific orders that exceed dissolution expectations. This allows for less drug usage over time and fewer pellet insertions in some patients.

The Business Model

Our organization has considered every step in workflow process, patient care education, and liaison services allowing for an integrated model, which we provided to you as a licensee. Our focus is on the entire clinic’s well-being and good medical standard practices, allowing an organized pathway for clinicians to streamline numerous patient prescription opportunities.

Our system is offered as a global licensing program for those interested in entering the pellet implant market, by purchasing the equipment and investing in the know-how providing implant pellets for patient-specific prescription orders.


Our team has compiled a library of standard operating procedures based upon our regulatory compliant laboratory and pharmaceutical order processes developed for delivering patient specific sterile product orders. Your pharmacy will receive manuals and professional training opportunities to implement all necessary step to setting up and operating your pellet implant facility.


Our customized cloud-based Prescription CRM, ITRx, was designed to meet the unique needs of patient specific pellet order management. It bridges the gap between prescribers and pharmacy streamlining communication and increasing pharmacy efficiency. E-faxing, customized reporting features, employee role limitations, invoicing, and inventory management are all standard features of this user-friendly platform.


The Implant Technology Research & Development team is dedicated to providing progressive formulations to our Licensees to ensure the finest quality, consistent products in pharmaceutical implant technology. Our trade secrets have allowed us to design and test products that exceed dissolution expectations. Yielding less drug usage over time, fewer pellet insertions in some patients, and increased patient compliance.

With an eye on the future, Implant Technology aspires to provide leading innovative implant technology. Our efforts are strongly focused on researching new product formulations, devices and protocols identifying better patient outcomes in markets such as drug addiction, fertility, cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy.

Join Us

The pellet implant technology system presented to you is designed to allow you to easily dive into this dynamic process, allowing you the opportunity to improve patient care, as well as your financial goals. The plan is customizable to fit with your current business practices, giving you the opportunity for an additional revenue stream, greater patient population, and new market access. Align your practice with Implant Technology and discover a new world of opportunities in outcome-based medicine.

With your investment and the expertise of our dedicated team, you will be afforded a tremendous opportunity to enter into a new realm of treatment modalities and truly engage your physicians with real therapeutic solutions for a patient community who are desperately in need.