Why Implant Technology?

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers and business partners. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying integrity, and attaining company goals through strategic implementation.

Business Integrity

Our parent company, RXNB Inc., was founded on the principles of evidence-based practices for delivering innovative products and services for the improvement of health care across all sectors of the medical industry.

Implant Technology, and our affiliate partners are focused on providing patients and clinicians with access to only the highest-quality medical products, treatments, and personalized service along with innovations that open new doors for medical care solutions.

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers and business partners. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying integrity, and attaining company goals through strategic implementation.

Our organization has considered every step in workflow process, patient care education, and liaison services allowing for an integrated model, which we provide to you as a licensee. Our focus is on your entire clinic’s well-being and good medical standard practices, allowing an organized pathway for clinicians to streamline processes for greater patient benefit.


The Implant Technology Research & Development team is dedicated to providing progressive formulations to our Licensees to ensure the finest quality, consistent products in pharmaceutical implant technology. Our trade secrets have allowed us to design and test products that exceed dissolution expectations. Yielding less drug usage over time, fewer pellet insertions in some patients, and increased patient compliance.

With an eye on the future, Implant Technology aspires to provide leading innovative patient care solutions. Our efforts are strongly focused on the research of new product formulations, devices and protocols identifying better patient outcomes in markets such as drug addiction, fertility, cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy.

Our Research & Development team, using primary research investigations, will work with you in the development of new pellet formulations to address the specific needs of your patients. Consult with our pharmacy specialists to design unique compounds to target serious health challenges. Any medication that can be delivered intravenously, intramuscularly, intradermally, or subcutaneously has the potential for a pellet implant application. Imagine the potential for delivering consistently dosed medications or nutrients without the concerns of compliance or abuse.

Quality & Safety

Production & Testing

Our custom made implant pellet process specifies compliance practices to USP-797 and ISO-Class 5 clean room regulations, exceeding the standards required for sterilization and quality.

Our resources provide for non-bias testing from independently registered FDA testing labs to promise sterility and potency with each and every batch made available using our custom, cloud-based CRM application.

All batches must go through dissolution test associated with day-to-day validation testing on any device that may affect the sterility of the final product. Also 3rd party testing for an analytical testing facility is required at different intervals, to validate the process.

A standard operating procedure has been developed and is implemented by our Compliance Department to ensure that the Implant Technology Licensees adopt the full process as part of their internal QA/QC.


Our affiliate, Sterile Labs, supplies lab equipment, raw materials, and lab supplies to address all needs related to pellet production. As part of the compliance program, each product ordered accompanies a material safety data sheet. Raw ingredients are randomly sent for testing for sterility and potency. We vigorously follow the FDA for Drug Safety Information, and any recalls that have taken place. All distributors must comply with cGMP and NABP accreditations.

Workflow Processes

Our team has compiled a library of standard operating procedures based upon our regulatory compliant laboratory and pharmaceutical order processes developed for delivering patient specific sterile product orders. Your pharmacy will receive manuals and professional training opportunities to implement all necessary step to setting up and operating your pellet implant facility.

Implant Technology is committed to delivering the best equipment, supplies, and expertise to meet the needs of our Licensees. Through research and development, we endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of pellet implant technology, continually delivering resources and training to our Licensees.

The chain of command is provided and implemented by our dedicated pharmacists and quality control staff to ensure that every pellet compounded passes our extensive testing process to ensure sterilization and potency and uniformity. All batches go through a vigorous requirement to meet all compliance needs and personnel take part in these roles to ensure quality and safety.

ITRx Prescription CRM

Our customized cloud-based Prescription CRM, ITRx, was designed to meet the unique needs of patient specific pellet order management. It bridges the gap between prescribers and pharmacy streamlining communication and increasing pharmacy efficiency. E-faxing, customized reporting features, employee role limitations, invoicing, and inventory management are all standard features of this user-friendly platform.



An extensive pellet process training program is in place to ensure that the standard operating procedures are properly followed in daily operations. Pharmacies and staff are offered on-site training programs, webinars, and a training manual, followed by comps to ensure that staff members understand every aspect of the pellet process. Our compliance personnel will examine the process bi-annually to warrant that the process is consistently being followed, tested, and delivered safely.


Our strategic partner, VivantMD, was founded by medical professionals with extensive experience in pellet implant therapy driven to expand public awareness of the benefits of this safe and effective form of therapy. They deliver educational opportunities for medical professionals interested in incorporating pellet therapy into their practice; imparting their expertise for providing this innovative care solution to their patient community.

The clinician training program is lead by clinicians with over 10 years of experience administering hormone pellet therapies. This comprehensive training program covers the following:

  • Hormone Therapy
  • Patient Consultations
  • Dosing
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Procedure
  • Follow Up Care
  • Managing Complications
  • Prescription Orders
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Procedure Demonstrations
  • Staff introduction to role specific requirements
  • Review and consultation for case specific decision-making

Financial Advantage

In the last decade, desire for customized therapeutics and medically and esthetically enhancing custom products drove the medical industry in a new direction. A market demand was created for an array of wellness products and services. In America, the Alternative Medicine market has quickly grown to a $34 billion per year industry.

The Pellet Implant Technology System presented to you by Implant Technology is designed to allow you to easily enter this dynamic field, presenting the opportunity to improve patient care, as well as your financial goals. The plan is customizable to fit with your current business practices, giving you the opportunity for an additional revenue stream, greater patient population, and new market access.

With your investment and the expertise of our dedicated team, you will be afforded a tremendous opportunity to enter into a new realm of treatment modalities and truly engage your physicians with real therapeutic solutions for a patient community who are desperately in need.

The Implant Technology pellet production protocol allows pharmacies to quickly and easily integrate pellet therapy into their current workflow, and to offer more affordable pricing for medication therapy than would be allowed with many conventional pharmaceuticals. In most cases hormone implants can last between 3 and 6 months, therefore, in comparison to traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions, the patient cost of pellet therapy can be very cost effective and convenient. Align your practice with Implant Technology and discover a new world of opportunities in outcome-based medicine.

Align your practice with ITRI and discover a new world of opportunities in outcome-based medicine.

Medical Quality Board

As a subsidiary of RXNB, Inc., Implant Technology is supported by a highly regarded team of medical experts. Our Medical Quality Board is comprised of a diverse group of medical professionals: Pharmacologists, Anatomist, Physicians, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Agriculturalists, Microbiologists and others.

The purpose of our Medical Quality Board is to provide insight regarding the constantly evolving medical industry and the best practices for achieving revolutionary patient outcomes. Through the means of medical research and development, improved regulation modalities, integrative medicine solutions, testing and analytics, technology innovations and new visionary systems, Implant Technology will meet and exceed the needs of our clients and patients.