RXNB & Our Affiliates

Through the initiatives of RXNB, we have dedicated resources to developing technologies that expand our offerings to the medical community. Implant Technology, and our affiliate partners, are focused on providing patients and clinicians with access to the highest-quality medical products, treatments, and personalized service along with innovations that open new doors for medical care solutions.

WMPG Insurance

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It is Wellness Medical Protection Group’s objective to provide reliable insurance solutions for innovative medical practices, and the industries that support them, in a dynamic medical marketplace.

The Commitment

The medical industry is in need of innovative liability insurance coverage options for its expansion into integrative care modalities. Changes being implemented with regard to new health care laws have created new challenges for clinicians following the mainstream medical model. A new breed of medical entrepreneurs are leading the way in creating ancillary options and for their patients in order to combat depleting margins, and Wellness Protection Group will provide coverage and security as they expand their practice.

Our insurance professional, with over 20 years of experience has engaged “A” rated insurance companies to provide underwriting agreements that will give our clients the ability to reduce the financial impact of risks as they embark on this innovative frontier of medicine. Expansion of liability coverage is not limited to just clinicians, as pharmacies, distributors, wholesalers, technology professionals, and the like also expand their service and product lines to meet the changing market, WMPG will support their growth activities as well.

Sterile Labs


The mission of Sterile Labs is to provide the integrative medical field with customized solutions for unlimited medical technologies, equipment, devices, supplies and workflow systems. Through innovation, persistence and integrity Sterile Labs will align resources to deliver the highest quality products for diversified medical business models.

The Commitment

Sterile Labs endeavors to be the essential resource for integrative medical market growth by providing groundbreaking innovations for entrepreneurial medical professionals. We provide solutions and opportunities to a diverse community of health care providers by offering propriety technologies, equipment, devices and workflow customized to their individual needs.

Sterile Labs facilitates the establishment and implementation of responsible and accountable practices for integrative medical practices, compounding pharmacies, and the naturally occurring pharmaceutical market through innovation, persistence and integrity.

We observe the commitment the pharmaceutical industry has made to providing unparalleled quality and manufacturing practices for predictability and accountability in patient safety. We apply these principles through collaboration with carefully vetted engineers and industry professionals, and task ourselves with creating innovative solutions of the same quality standards for the integrative medical industry. We are committed to discovering and creating innovations and products to support the endeavors of forward thinking medical professionals and their businesses.

Serving the Pellet Implant Industry

Sterile Labs has partnered with Implant Technology and Novigo Instruments to provide their clients with the highest quality resources to support the requirements of the licensed pellet press and manufacturing process. We will provide single source convenience for your entire pellet manufacturing and distributing needs.

A complete catalog of Sterile Labs products specified for the Implant Technology pellet production process is available in the IMPLANT TECHNOLOGY Licensee Manual under the Vendors/Resources tab and can be ordered at sterilelabs.com.